Automated task status based on input conditions

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4 - Data Explorer

I have been digging around the forums for an answer to this, and wondering if someone can help me with a creative solution here or point me to a similar problem.

I am trying to set out a work flow that is automated, and checked off when a new “Student Note” is submitted” So here is the flow: If “Services” = “1 qEEG”, the flow should be as follows:

  1. qEEG 1
  2. Report1
  3. ROF1
  4. Finished

If “services” = Pre & Post” or “4 Part”

  1. qEEG 1
  2. Report1
  3. ROF1
  4. qEEG 2
  5. Report2
  6. ROF2
  7. Finished

So for example, if someone submits a “Student Note” as “qEEG 1”, I want the status to read “Report 1”. But if there is also a note that says “qEEG 2”, I want that to read “Report 2”.
I am wondering if the solution lies in a Gantt chart (which is new to me) or if I should play with nested If statements, or both.

Here is the base:

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Hi @JoJo_Yonce and welcome to the community!

Did you try working with a simple formula field and IF() or SWITCH() to determine the “status” and then start from there?