Pro account: Using an email from the record to send an email in an automation

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Hi there

We have a pro account and I have a simple approval for set up that when someone submits me an idea on a form, they can add their email address if they would like an emailed update as to the approval status of that idea.

But, when I put that e-mail address in the “To” Field I just keep getting told the e-mail field is blank - despite me having made sure there are no blank fields on the table.

Is this fixable or can the automation only send to a set email address and not one from the table itself? As stated, we have a pro account so it should not be the e-mail address itself that is causing the problem.


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Are you getting an error through testing your automation, or when the automation actually runs? Be sure to re-test the trigger step and check if the test trigger record has a value for the email field.

I get the error when I test and when I try to preview the email. And the automation failed due to the error

I have made sure that all records on the table have an e-mail in the field to check this. There is no blank e-mail fields


And the third time is a charm. Don’t know why clicking again made it work. I did have to reconfigure the sending e-mail account this morning due to a password change so maybe it took some time to catch up.


Good thing that it now works. Could it be that you forgot to retest your trigger step in the process?