Automatic Copying Rows Based on Dropdown

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am creating rows of tasks that apply to various places or singular places. I want to ensure that each place gets their work done.

Column A - task name

Column B - Task template created? - yes or no dropdown

Column C - Locations applied to - dropdown lists "ALL" and the individual locations

Column D - Completed task or not?

I want it so that if Column C says "ALL", it duplicates it automatically and creates one row for each location to be completed. How do we set up that automation?


Can Airtable do arrays like that based on a dropdown? I'd also like it so that if I add another location to the dropdown, it creates one.

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If you're open to changing Column C into a linked field to a table where each record is one of your individual locations then you could try:

1. Create a new table called "Locations" where each record represents one location
2. In the "Locations" table, create a record called "All"
3. In this "Locations" table, create a view and filter out the record called "All"
4. Convert Column C to a linked field to the "Locations" table
5. Create a new automation that triggers when a record's Column C value = "All"
  - Give it a "Find Record" action and make it look for the records in the view from step 3
  - Use a repeating group on the results of the "Find Record" from the previous step, and give it a "Create Record" action

This will create one record per record found in the "Locations" table, excluding the record "All"

The main limitation of this is that the "Find Record" action can only find up to 100 records, and if you have more than 100 locations you'll need to either create a separate automation or use a script