Automatically add new records to a new database and don't update the old records

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I'm trying to automate one task in Airtable.
To give you a bit of context, I have a database in Notion containing Website articles. I'm sending the records to Airtable using a 3rd-party software. The data is sync in real time.
I would like each new record that comes in Airtable database to be sent to a new database where the data is not sync. The other records that was sync up in the past shouldn't be updated.

Any idea how to achieve this in Airtable?

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Hi @Dataddiction42,

How are you receiving the records in Airtable? It sounds like this may be an adjustment to the automation that's updating existing records in Airtable to instead append as new records. You could use the "when webhook received" automation trigger to receive info from Notion and then "Create record" to add as new records.

Another approach could be to duplicate your sync'd table without copying records, then set up an automation that copies new records in table A to table B on a "when record is created" trigger in table A. This would involve storing two seemingly similar tables though which could get confusing.


Hi @Stephen_Orr1,

Thank you for your reply.
I'm using a third-party software call WhaleSync to sync data in real time from Notion to Airtable. I'm guessing they use Notion API to push the data to Airtable.
So you are right, every records are updated each time the software sync the data.

Ideally I would like to append the new records only one time to a new table.

I tried both of your options. But it seems that "field" is a compulsory option for automation. In my case, I want to add new records from Database 1 to Database 2 when a new record is being pushed to Database 1 from Notion.
I think I'm missing a point here 😕