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4 - Data Explorer

i'm trying to automate the following workflow:

A colleague fills in a form and it is submitted to create a single row in A sheet. This includes multiple dates associated with a new project. Example:

Sheet 1 single row: 

  • project title: uncover | project start date: 12/23/2023 | project end date: 12/23/2024 | Milestone 1: 1/1/2024 | Milestone 2: 3/1/202m

On submission of the form, the dates from the new entry/project are used to create activities/new rows in another sheet. This allows me to populate a Gaant automatically:

Sheet 24 rows created:

  • Project duration | Project title: Uncover | Start: 12/23/2023 | End: 12/23/2024 
  • Milestone 1 | Project title: Uncover | Start: 11/1/2024 | End: 
  • Milestone 2 | Project title: Uncover | Start: 3/1/202m | End: 


I've tried a few times to do this and get various errors. I think I am probably approaching the problem incorrectly 

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Hi @thisiswallace,

You can group by Project title in the Gantt view. Try the Group By button at the top that looks like this:

The Gantt view can show dependencies if you've set up a linked record field in your Activities table (you can choose whether this holds "predecessors" or "successors"). Then in your Gantt view settings, turn dependencies on and select the linked record field as predecessors or successors.

Hope that helps!

Thank you Stephen! I'm having problems with the automation to create the multiple rows from the 1 form submission, any thoughts on this?

Are you attempting to create a predefined list of tasks whenever a form is submitted for a parent project?

If so, I generally use a junction table approach. It's a bit more complicated to set up but can make things like managing a predefined list of tasks to load into your project workflow via automations a breeze.

Here's an example base I setup to demonstrate this:
Feel free to copy this base to your own account.

Also, I would add a Gantt view to the Project Workflow table and then group by Project (not the table's primary field).

Here's a short demo (w/o sound) of the automation in this base:

If this helps you, please feel free to mark this post as the solution. If not, I'm happy to provide more assistance here.



This video does not feature sound. A short example of using a mapping table and one no-code Airtable automation to populate a project workflow from a unique list of deliverables/tasks.