Automatically add the same attachment to every record that is created

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4 - Data Explorer


I feel like this is relatively easy but I am stuck. I have automations set up to send out a welcome email each time a project is sold. I have spec sheets and standard documents I want to send with each email. They are standard forms that are the same for each project. I want these to automatically attach to a record when it is created. I have the forms set up as their own table. How do I get Airtable to link these forms whenever I create a new record?

thank you

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I have the same question!!! I have been manually adding attachments to each record before I run the automation, but that really defeats the purpose of using Airtable for the process!

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Same question!

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6 - Interface Innovator

Well I have the same question and I am also stuck. It would be nice to have a feedback on this matter.

I found a way that worked for me.

I created a separate table and created one record with all the attachments I wanted to include. I created a separate field for each attachment, but you might be able to put them all in one - you would just need to test it.

You then need to link the table you want the attachments to go to with the attachment table and create a lookup field for each attachment. The link will need to be multiple to one in the attachment table and one to one in the other.

I then created an automation - when a new record is created, I have it update that record to link to the attachment record in the attachment table. The lookup fields should automatically populate with the attachment files. This should allow you to automatically attach records to new records.

If you are using the attachments to be sent out in an email, just ensure that the automation that attaches the records is completed before the email is sent.

Hope this helps!

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6 - Interface Innovator

Having trouble comprehending this task. Care to outline this? Primarily the automation side. I'm stuck on the update record side of the automation:


I have a separate table with: Attachment ID (Main Column) Attachment (1 File) Onboarding (Linked Record) & Lookup (Lookup to other table)





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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi krtphr,

Thanks for the pictures. Assuming it's the exact same file you want to attach to new records, you will need to run an automation when a new record is created to update the record (which you have so far). You will need to update the attachment field in the Tenant Onboarding table with the Record ID from the Attachment table. This will be the same Record ID for every new record. Then in the Tenant Table, set the lookup field to the attachment field and it will pull the attachment for every new record. 

So essentially, you aren't using the automation to update the attachment directly. You are using the automation to attach the record ID and the lookup field will automatically add the file to each new record.

I hope this makes sense. Let me know if you still have questions.

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi krtphr,

The best thing to do would be to use the ''Find records'' automation and use the result to add the attachment. Here is how i've done mine : 

First, here's my attachment table (Pièces jointes) : 

Capture d’écran, le 2024-01-04 à 16.24.11.png

I wanted to add an attachment in my ''Réservations scolaires'' table. Here are the fields I created : 

Capture d’écran, le 2024-01-04 à 16.26.56.png

Lastly, here's my automation : 

1) I used the trigger ''when a record enters a view'' in ''Réservations scolaires'' (I chose to use this trigger because I have a lot of entries in my base and sometimes when you have too many entries the automation doesn't go through).

2) Action 1 : Find records. It allows me to fetch the data of the attachment I need in ''Pièces jointes''

Capture d’écran, le 2024-01-04 à 16.31.57.png

3) Update record. What is important here is that you need to fetch the data from the ''Find record'' step in order to link your entries successfully

Capture d’écran, le 2024-01-04 à 16.32.49.png

Capture d’écran, le 2024-01-04 à 16.35.00.png

I hope this helps you!


Oh my god, this has helped me so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!