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Automatically update multi-select when a new record is created

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Hi folks :grinning:

My scenario is as follows.

When a student completes a course in our LMS, a Zap creates a new record in the “LMS Course Completed” table.

What I need to happen next is that ‘Completed Courses’ multi-select field in the “Candidates” table automatically updates the candidate record for the person who did that course.

I have tried to set up this up with an automation but it’s just not working. Any ideas please?

LMS Course Completed

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Update - the automation runs, but it overwrites the previous course name. I need the field to contain ALL completed courses…


You would need to insert the current field “My Completed Course” into your automation for the field “My Completed Course” (to grab the old values for “My Completed Course”), then type a comma, then add the new value.

Thanks this is very helpful, I truly appreciate the effort! I can’t quite get it to work - do you know where I am going wrong here.

I am struggling with the idea of inserting the current field…do find it in the output of the search automation?


#1. You can only put a single Record ID in the “Record ID” step. You are currently trying to put in an entire list of Record ID’s.

#2. Then, for the multi-select field that you’re trying to update, you need to call the “Names” value of that very same multi-select field, then put a comma, and then put the new value in (whatever that new value might be).

See my screenshot below for an example of how this could look:

Screen Shot 2022-03-30 at 10.36.18 AM