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In Automations, how to add Multiple Select Answers?

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I’m doing an auto-email response to parents who are filling out school applications. There is a multiple select field, where they are acknowledging policies, and I want the e-mail to include each of the acknowledgements, but I can’t determine how to input this. Help, please!

@Elias_Gomez_sainz @Mohamed_Swellam

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Hi @Angie_Belle ,

So you just want to add the multiple select items they chose into the email?

It will show something like this
Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 2.27.03 PM

You just need to choose Name when choosing the field.
Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 2.28.52 PM

Am I missing something? Please show me a screenshot to be able to help you better if so.

Thank you! Hopefully that solves it!