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I recently inherited the database for a club and I am trying to make the interface easier to use by creating an Airtable/Softr design instead of the manual version that existed previously.

Basically I have one table with member details that includes a field for number of events attended. I then have another table for events with a field called Attendees which lists all the Attendees of that event by pulling the names from the Member table. 

So, what I want to do is automatically increase the number of events attended field in the Members table by one if the member appears in the Attendees field in the Events table - how can I do this?

Possibly slightly complicating the issue is that since I have inherited this and am not starting from scratch, numbers of events attended figures already exist, so I am not starting from zero but from different numbers for each member.

Thanks in advance for all help!! 

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So each Member record has one or more Attendee record, each representing the events they've attended? It sounds like you could just add a Count-type field to the Members table rather than a manually entered Number -type field. 

Would that work if I'm not starting from 0? Some of the members have already attended 50-100 events so I would need to start on a different number for each of them and then count on from there. Maybe with a formula? If I had number of previous events, then a count of the new events attended and then another column which uses a formula to add the two?

Community Manager
Community Manager

If you have a previous number, you can add each rows previous number to the count of the rollups to get the new number.

I don't see why not, go ahead and give that a try