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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I run a sober living house for women. I have chore assignments set up in airtables. Is there any way to set up an automation that will rotate the chores weekly between the residents?

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Hey @Kathryn_Curtice!

Tons of respect for you and your work.
I’m going to reach out directly to you about a workflow solution for you.

Thanks, Ben, for the quick reply.

We had a firm set up the Airtables, bases, automation, etc., in 2020 when we had one house. Since then, we have added two more. I have been taking online classes and youtube to learn how to expand and set up new automation. Public Service Announcement: I have no computer training and make a lot of trial and error until I get it right…lol.

Here is our chore setup. The house manager assigns them on Sunday. Each resident then completes their assigned chore daily and fills out an airtable form on the house tablet, The form triggers a notification for the house manager that a chore has been completed or if there is an issue, why it was not completed. Lastly, the house manager goes and physically checks to ensure the chore is completed and done correctly. All the information ties back to the individual resident’s file.

The house manager has a lot so if the chore assignments can be automatically rotated and assigned, that is one less thing on her Sunday list of things to do.

Here are screenshots of the system:

Chore Weeks

Chore package

Chore Assigned

Chore Form

CHore Check Off

Okay, I’m currently building a demo base to explore a solution for you.

However, on a separate note, I wanted to offer you volunteered help and time in supporting you and your organization regarding Airtable.

If I can assist in any of your other systems, I’d be happy to help!

If you’re interested in it, I’d be happy to schedule some time for a call or open up a wider conversation with your organization.
I would definitely insist that if you have legal counsel, they put together a general NDA and confidentiality agreement.
Other than that, I’m here to help.

I’m going to read through your notes a bit, and I’ll come back with any questions I might have in the meantime.

I sent you a direct message as well.

5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast


Thank you so much, I really appreciate any help I can get.