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I’m trying to create a content calendar that creates automated records. For example, if I know that I want to post to Facebook every day at 9AM, I would like Airtable to automatically create records for the posting time/day in advance. Ideally, every week it would create the records for three weeks in advance.

I can see where I can automatically trigger an automation to run weekly, but I can’t figure out how to set a relative date for the record I want created (i.e., first “create record” is 21 days in the future, second is 22 days, etc for the week). Is this possible?

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This is probably best achieved with a script automation, e.g.:

On a weekly schedule => Run a script

In JavaScript is a easy to create the date “today”, so then straightforward to create dates 21, 22, … days in advance. The script will have a looping component to create 7 new records each time it runs.

Some pointers on looping in scripts here