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Word Search (Suicide and other trigger words)

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We have a form that students fill out and I need to be able to automate a search on every submission that will search for certain trigger words that will alert us if a student needs immediate intervention. Is this possible?

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Hey @Jason_Forsman! This should be pretty simple with automation depending on how your form is set up. You can set the automation trigger to “When a form is submitted” and then you can set the parameters for different fields. With the new updates to automations, you can even have it alert different people depending on the answers. I can’t walk you through setting it up without seeing an example of the form submission, options for each field, and what words need to be triggers.

Thank you. There are some words or phrases that will be constant triggers, but others we may have to add new automations for custom forms. My goal is to find a template that I can add and then change the trigger words on a case by case basis. Airtable did send me something to try so I’ll try it and come back if it doesn’t work, or if I mess it up. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you.