Automating updating multi-select team field from multi-user field

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all, I love the AT community and can often find solutions within articles but can't seem to find anything that helps solve my current situation:

I have a multiple-user assignee column and often people from lots of different teams get pulled into one task. We also have a multi-select team column showing which teams are directly involved with the task. I currently have automations set up to add the relevant team into the team column when any of the team members are added to the assignee field. But as conditional automations only run until one condition is satisfied and then stop without making updates for any other satisfied conditions, I have had to create a new automation for each team, to ensure it updates for every assignee. 

I am currently trying to write a script to combine all of these automations; I have coded the part to input the table and source (assignee) and destination (team) fields, but am stuck as to how to define each team and the relevant team members and then get it to update based on this. I don't want to create a new table in my base if possible.

I have also pondered about using the automation with the run script action, but am again stuck as to how to define the team members in each team and for it to use this as the conditions for updating. 

I still want to be able to update the team field manually. 

If anyone has any ideas as to how I can automate this without having to have loads of separate automations / can help me with the script that would be really appreciated!! Thanks in advanced. 

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