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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Dear Sirs,

I have the table "General" in which I select the records from another table "People" (in the same base) - via link.

Then I've synced (bi-diretionally) the table "General" to a different base ("2024"); the problem is that all the fileds in "2024" are selectionale (not modificable), with the exception of the records selected by the table for which the following message appears:

"This field is synced from a source that doesn’t allow it to be edited".


And the selection in that record is not modificable from "2024" but only from the original "Globale",

I have the Business plan.


Thank you to everybody.


Best regards


A. Borriero




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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Unfortunately, syncing is one-way only in Airtable (with limited two-way sync on the enterprise plan).

Are you trying to edit the original record? If so, you could create a button in the destination table to “open source record”, which will jump the user back to the original table to edit the original record there.

If you want the user to edit the original record without giving them access to the original base, the easiest way to do this is by giving them a link to an “update record form” from Fillout, which you would setup to update original record.

Are you trying to re-link the records in the destination table? If so, there is a trick to making this happen, which I explain on this Airtable podcast episode:


Dear ScottWorld,

thank you for the prompt response. Actually I'm using the two-ways sync and all the fileds (with the exception of the one described) are indeed updated even if I modify them from the source of from the destination.

For the field object of the request, in the table "General" (and its sync "2024") I need only to select a different record from the originale table "People" and not to edit it; for example initially the selection in "General" was on "Dr. Green" (from "People"), but - due to an error - it is actually "Dr. Red" (even from "People").

The modification is possible from "General" but not from its sync ""2024" where only the other fields are modifiable.

I will carefully watch your video.

Thank you and best regards.

A. Borriero

A. Borriero


18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Oh, that's right — I forgot that two-way sync is also available on the Business plan!

Unfortunately, I'm not sure about your error message, though. But it sounds like you're trying to edit a linked record field, though? That is not allowed in two-way sync. The limitations of two-way sync are described near the bottom of this support article, but my video might give you a workaround for it.

Although I don't know if the changes in the destination table will go back to the original table. You'll probably need to play around with this to see if you can get it to do what you want it to do.