Automation Conditions -CRM follow up issues

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello all, having some issues with some automations I created and needing assistance!

1st Automation type is triggered by when a record matches conditions for the field “follow up date” is on or before tomorrow to send an email reminder as the action. The goal is to have the email reminder send on date to be sure followed up in timely manner.

2nd Automation type is also triggered by when a record matches conditions for when specific fields are not empty and assigned to a specific collaborator to send an email alert to that collaborator to follow up.

Originally all of these worked fine, the tests ran successfully and we received the emails for a few weeks and now nothing is coming through. I am not sure if something was changed or if I need to start from scratch again. There have been no errors or alerts that something is wrong. Maybe I do not have the right conditions triggered or should be using a different type of automation? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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