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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi all, 

I'm looking to create a simple automation that sends an email when a project moves from one status (4.0) to another (5.0). I have people assigned to the project with a profile that includes their name and email (along with other info). I want the person assigned to that project to receive the email notification, however I'm not sure how to get the automation to find the email, as it is only finding the persons name at the moment. I'm new to Airtable and coding so I'm sure there's a semi-easy fix that I just don't know! Thanks!

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Do you want everyone that's assigned to the project to receive emails, or just one person?  If it's just one person, how do we determine which person to send it to? 

Could you also provide screenshots of your tables and the relevant fields?  I'm asking as how to accomplish what you'd like is heavily dependent on the way your base is set up.  It should be totally doable though!

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi Adam! I want the email to be sent only to the person assigned to the project (see attachment Project Details for the assignment). I want the email to be sent when the status becomes 5.0. I've also attached a screenshot of the Team Members table with the relevant information that gets assigned to each project (the table is linked to the P.Eng. assignment section of each project). I hope this is enough to figure out the solution! 

Thanks for the details!

The simplest way to handle this might be to just add a lookup field to display the email, and in your automation you could then reference the email directly?

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 1.14.21 PM.png
The other option would be to create an automation with a repeating group list that would, for each of the linked fields, attempt to find the correct record in the "People" table via their name.  This means that in the unlikely event you've got two people with the same name value they'd both get an email for this though

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 1.13.21 PM.png

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