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I am new to airtable and would like to have some assistance from this community.
I will try to explain what I want to build and hope that you can help me with some guidance how to do this.

I want to create a database of let’s say 100 customers. Each customer has a couple of parameters that can change each year. For example: Total number of employees = 10, etc…
Now I would like that on 2 different moments of each year these customers receive an template e-mail where we ask to fill in the potential changes of these parameters. If they complete this proces, the new data has to be send to the database and be filled into a new e-mail template that automaticle will be send to an e-mailadres that is also listed in the database in the record of this costumer.
In a perfect world I would like to gather the new data via VideoAsk by Typeform.

I hope this is a clear example.

Please feel free to ask further questions or give more advice then asked for.

Thank you in advance.
Hope you guys can help this amateur.


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If I’m understanding you correctly, it sounds like you want people to edit their existing record in your Airtable base?

There are many different ways to solve this dilemma, but in my personal opinion, the simplest & easiest & most straightforward way of doing this would be to use the MiniExtensions form, which would allow each customer to update their own record in Airtable:

Hi Scott

Thanks for helping!
This could be indead a simple solution.
What I can see is that MiniExtensions has their own URL with a “typeform” lookalike page for inserting the changes.
We would like to embedded the videoask (typeform) in an e-mail where the questions contain differtent data from the existing airtable database and the answers have to be transferred to a new cell ie. "Update 2022 {{Total employees}}. The new data has to bundled and send via an e-mail to the accountant from this client automaticly…

Maybe this new information give you better insights in our dilemma?

I don’t know what VideoAsk is, but after somebody fills out a form and submits the data, you could setup an automation to automatically gather all of the data in that person’s record and send it to the accountant.