Creating a Auto-Availability Scheduling Tool

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Estate Agent looking for a quick way to schedule our viewing requests.

We get anywhere from 15 to 60 viewing requests per property we sell, and would like a quicker way of organising them.

Currently we ask for peoples ‘general availability’ over the coming week (we list properties on Monday’s normally) - from here we put it all into a spreadsheet with their preferred day, then confirm appointments to them after about 1-2 hours of working put a schedule where EVERYONE can get a viewing.

We’d use a tool where people can book themselves in, however 1) with so many viewings if people book themselves in people miss out and 2) on one or more days you get people right at the start of the day and one at the end of the day, so makes the rest of the business inefficient (we are a two person team so super important to be as efficient as poss)

Is there a way of creating a table where we can put in peoples availability and it organises it into the most efficient workflow…?

Any help is super appreciated!

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Welcome to the community, @Sol_Welch! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: While Airtable can certainly help you organize your property viewing schedule at a basic level, automatically ordering the schedule as you describe would require some pretty advanced logic—essentially taking your current 1- to 2-hour review process and breaking it down into discrete logical steps that Airtable would then execute on your behalf.

This kind of logic isn’t possible by using formulas alone, but it is possible by writing custom code. This code could run manually in a Scripting app (which is available to all users regardless of what plan their workspace is in), or the script could run automatically on a schedule, though this would require your base to be in a Pro-plan workspace or higher. There’s also the option of developing a completely custom Airtable app, but that takes far more time than either of the other options, and would therefore have a higher development cost.

Are you looking to tackle this yourself, or would you prefer to hire a developer? If it’s the latter, feel free to connect with me directly and we can talk about your options.