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4 - Data Explorer

Hi everyone.

I am looking for a solution where I have an interface created and I want to automate the process of sending the interface data via Automation or Scripting. I have tried the scripting route, but it asks for installation of node.js libraries. I am not an expert at programming and have recently started learning, so I was unable to proceed with the same.

Any help in this regard would be welcome. Thanks!

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What kind of data are you trying to send?  Could you provide some screenshots?

Basically, it is collating the number of products which clear the following conditions:

1. Models as per our specification

2. Status of the products is ready for dispatch.

If your interface is only showing a view, you can add a button that'll trigger an automation that'll send the data from that view.  If you're dynamically setting filters via the interface you'll need to create a field and update that and combine that with some automations

Hello TheTimeSavingCo.

Could you elaborate your explanation for the solution to dynamic setting filters?

E.g. if you had a filter element in your interface