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Automation is running but won't open. "An error has occurred" (Display Error)

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Last night I was trying to update an automation when it crashed. I now can’t open the automation and it gives me the error has occurred error when trying to open the automation. The automation still works and is set to ON but I can’t open it to make any changes.

Any suggestions? I’ve tried to clear the browser cache with now luck and I haven’t heard back from Airtable support yet.

  • Cheers
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I have the same. When I want go inside automation show message “AN error occured, Refresh the Page”. Nothing can’t change. Automation is ON.

Same, I tried to edit an automation last night, it crashed before opening the automation, and now that automation gives me the same issue you’re reporting: “An error occurred, refresh the page.”

Two other automations seem to open fine, one additionally won’t open and doesn’t give an error either, just spins on a loading screen to open the automation…

I spoke to Airtable support and they say their AWS outage is causing this error. A fix should be released soon. I’ll keep you all posted.

My automation is back up and running. They must have fixed the bug.

Hope it all works for you too. Cheers!