Remove checkmarks from records if all records are checked w/ script

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4 - Data Explorer

I have an automation that hits a Twilio Studio Flow URL from a script and runs every 15 minutes. I get the first record that does not contain a checkmark, use that record, and then add a checkmark to the record. Eventually, all the records get a checkmark, and when they do, I want to start the script over (by unchecking all the records) or tell the script to stop running

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Is the automation triggered on a schedule? If so, the automation will trigger and the script will run without regard to whether there are any unchecked records.

If you want the script to uncheck all records when it doesn’t find any unchecked record, that is quite doable. Is your script giving you an error or are you not sure where to start?

I’m not sure where to start! In my automation, I loop through the records and check them

How about starting with your existing script? Do you understand all of your current script? Or are there parts of the current script that you do not understand?

(Are you familiar with JavaScript or are you new to writing code? If you are new to writing code, what is your interest level in learning to code?)

I am writing code, I am a developer, I just can’t find any documentation or information on doing this with Airtable

Here’s the documentation for scripting

the documentation does not include code