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Automation- Linking back to records from previous automation

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4 - Data Explorer

With the help of another Airtable member, I created a 3 table base: Projects, Tasks, and Subtasks. When a record is created in the Projects table, the automation populates 8 different tasks on the Projects table and in the Tasks table, and up to 5 or 6 different Subtasks on the Tasks table and Subtasks table. Each Task in the Task table also automatically links to the Project just created.

I’m having trouble automating a link to the Project on the Subtasks table because I had to create a separate automation for each Task and Subtask (too many Tasks and Subtasks for 1 automation). Therefore, simply linking back to record is not an option.

I tried adding an action on the first automation (When a record is created in Projects) that linked the Project column in the Subtasks table to the Project table. That did not work - because that automation came before all the Tasks and Subtasks were populated, it doesn’t connect with any Task or Subtask.

Attached are screenshots of each table. The Subtasks table is the last one. Please disregard the Project test names :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I got tired of “test 1”, “test 29” etc.
Screenshot (9) Screenshot (8) Screenshot (7)

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