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4 - Data Explorer

Hi All,

I'm no coder so excuse my lack of ability to explain this coherently.

I am working on a booking system to book out kit, one suggestion has been to have a record with a master check box button for certain tasks that require a lot of, but always the same kit, that you can select and will automatically tick true the sign out button on the individual records of the kit connected to this master select button. Rather than having to go through and manual sign out individual records each time.

Is this possible to so through Airtable? is this a scripting automation or can it be done through the preset automations?

Thanks in advance, and hope this makes sense 

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Hey @tomcull,

as an Airtable developer, I would recommend to use for each process/workflow a separated field conditions. And regarding the question you can trigger a series of action like record updates using Airtable automations. In those actions you can choose to update specific field values ect. 

For more details regarding to you project feel free to text me on dm. 

Yours sincerely, 
Dimitris Goudis