Automation on every other new record in a table to have a specific status

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I’m looking for a way to have every other (every 2nd) new record created in a table (the records are being created off of a website from Zapier) be directed to a specific view by having a specific status assigned using a status single select field - I’d like every other new record created in the grid view to get assigned 1 specific option of the many options in the single select drop down.

Has anyone ever done something like this? Not seeing an obvious way to automate an action on every other record.

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Sure, do a MOD divided by 7 instead of 2.

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You could add an autonumber field to your base, and then create a formula field that uses the MOD() function to see if the autonumber is an even or odd number by dividing the autonumber by 2 and seeing if there is any remainder. If there is no remainder, then it is an even number. Use that field to determine if you should change the record or not.

love it - thank you - I’ll give it a try!

it’s working - thank you Scott

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Now if I wanted to assign 6 sequential items (leads) to 6 different people (so every sequential item 1-6 would be updated in a field (sales rep assignment) through automation, then when it reaches the 7th person it would start over) would you do a similar MOD() function in different columns and have an automation run on each field to determine if the record should be updated? or can you think of a more efficient way to do this?

Sure, do a MOD divided by 7 instead of 2.