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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I’m trying to accomplish the following:

  1. Create a record in Table A
  2. Create a new linked record in Table B (junction table)
  3. Search for a record in table C bases on a field in Table A
  4. Enter a value from the record found in Table C to the record created in Table B (step 2)

I’ve experimented enough to know Step 2 can be done with an Automation, but I suspect the whole workflow will require scripting. Something like this would be fairly easy in FileMaker Pro and I’m hoping the same is true for Airtable.

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Unfortunately, the vast majority of what is easy & trivial in FileMaker Pro is not possible at all in Airtable… at least not yet.

For what you would like to do, you would either need to write your own custom JavaScript or use Integromat, which is a low-code automation & integration platform.

I have been a Certified FileMaker Developer for almost 30 years, and now that I am an Airtable consultant, I spend much of my time in Integromat, which allows me to bring many of FileMaker’s scripting features to Airtable without diving into JavaScript code at all.

It currently is not possible to use a value from a record identified by the “find record” action.

You are correct that this workflow could be accomplished fairly easily with scripting. You could use run the script either from an automation or from a button. If you are not comfortable with scripting, there are several professional script writers on these forums, including myself.

By the way, is step 1 of your workflow done manually or do you want the record to be created automatically? If it is created automatically, how do you get the field value used in the search in step 3?