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6 - Interface Innovator


I built an automation to fullfill a linked record with some info when another record in not empty.
It is working perfectly for new records, but i need to run this with all the records in a table that have been already created.

this is my automation.



Might somebody help me with this, pls?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

You just need to trigger the automation. So i would just cut everything out of Desarrollador responsible and paste it back in. This only works if you wait a short period of time between cut and paste.

As you have noticed, automations only trigger for records that meet the condition after the automation has been turned on. Here are some workarounds

  • If there are only a handful of records, you can manually “test” the automation for each record, picking a new trigger record each time until there are none left. This is feasible only if there are very limited records, and if the automation changes the record so it no longer meets the condition.

  • Adjust the trigger to temporarily include some other condition that you can manually trigger. For example, create a temporary checkbox add add a condition like “or temporary checkbox is selected”. Then after turning on the automation, select the checkbox for the existing records.

  • One of your conditions is when a particular field is empty. You could temporarily paste in a placeholder value for a few seconds so the records do not meet the conditions, and then delete that placeholder value so that the records do meet the conditions and thus trigger the automation.

Just want to add - if you want to run it for 200+ records and don’t want to click each, you can bulk check by pasting ‘1’ to the whole column. Also, using Ctrl+Z will undo your edit, but will not rollback automation run result