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Re: Automation 'ran successfully' but output not always showing in table?

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I have created an automation with a 'when condition met' trigger and then update the record. 

I have a few as the lead's details change. So when they appear in the flow i want to fill some new columns, then when they become a lead, i fill an extra column and then when they're a qualified lead - another column is filled using the automations.

Like I said they're all running successfully, within the actual details of the automation, it shows it has filled the new columns correctly but in the actual table the colums are sometimes empty.

Any ideas? 

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Hm, one of my clients had a similar issue and it turned out there was another automation that got triggered due to a side effect, and it was clearing out some fields.  It's probably not what's happening to you but I figured I'd mention it on the off chance it saved you the headache it caused me heh

You mentioned that you checked the details of the automation and that it showed that it was updating, say, the "Location" value with a specific data value, but the field was empty?  May I know what the record history shows? 

Might also want to open a support ticket too; they'd probably be able to help more as they have more access to your base


Yep I think this could be something. They're being filled but then as the new automation happens, it deletes what was previously filled. Just can't fully understand why this would happen. I've tried quite a few different methods to create the same outcome but still not fully working. 

It now goes as follows fir my 3 automations: 
New lead - fills in the 3 columns as it should
Become lead - deletes 3 columns from 1st step and adds the new column
Becomes QL - deletes column from 2nd step and adds the new column. 

I will keep trying some different things to see if I can make it work 😅

I've just had another look and it appears that the API I have coming through from another programme deletes those extra columns when they're updated. I'm sure I have tried this already but will try in each automation to add each column, so 3 in automation 1, 4 in automation 2 and 5 in automation 3. 🤞

Ahh roger that.  Best of luck!