Automation, send to multiple email addresses in Rollup field?

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I’m currently trying to setup an automation that will send off a notification email to multiple addresses (“Team managers”) when a record is created (or updated), if said record has linked to multiple other records in a specific field (“Other teams involved”). The email addresses are pulled through from another table using a Rollup field and ARRAYJOIN, and so are separated by commas, but the automation test fails, saying that the email address field is invalid.

Do automations not support sending to multiple email addresses? Any clarity would be great.

Many thanks and kind regards,


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Email steps do accept multiple addresses. Can you post a screenshot of your setup?

Hi Kamille,

Never mind, I appear to have figured out a solution using another prior automation to duplicate the email addresses from the lookup field (which seems to have been the issue) into a hidden long text field, from which the second automation now reads them correctly and sends them.

Many thanks for offering your help!


If you want to avoid having extra fields you could also just convert the Lookup field to a Rollup field with an aggregation using ARRAYJOIN(values)

That has indeed streamlined both the data and the process! One less automation to achieve the same result. Many thanks for the tip :slightly_smiling_face: