Automation Sending TIme when Record enters a view based on the date

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We have an Automation that sends a reminder email when a record enters a view which is done on a date basis.


Is it possible to get these to come in at a specific time, say 10.00, rather than at 01.44 (we are based in the UK). As they get lost in other overnight emails when people come into work.

So idealy the automation would check at a specifc time.

Thanks in advance.

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Instead of using a view to drive the automation, you could use a formula that checks for the same date-based criteria as the view filter, but also only outputs the trigger value when the current time is a specific hour. You didn’t provide details on the date-based driver, but my guess from your screenshot is that you want these emails sent every Friday. If that’s the case, this should work:


That will output a 1 only on Friday mornings during the 10 o’clock hour, and 0 the rest of the time. Now you can change your automation trigger to When record matches conditions, with the condition being that this formula field outputs a 1. If my assumption about the date trigger is incorrect, then please share more info so that we can guide you in the right direction.

NOTE: the NOW() function doesn’t update perpetually, so the email won’t be sent precisely at 10 am. Check the docs for details on the update frequency for NOW().