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6 - Interface Innovator


I have what I suspect is a common issue relating to sending Weekly digest emails using AT Automation.

I have an automation that sends a weekly email with a list of this weeks sales.Unfortunately, sometimes the sales are 0 for that week but the email (final step) still sends.

What is the best way to get around this? I have a few ideas but I’m sure there are probably better ways.



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This is a very common issue.

Airtable automations currently cannot include any branching logic without using a script. If your automation includes an email action, the email will send. Even adding logic in a script has limitations.

I tend to use an “email table” and have a script create a new record in that table only when an email should be sent.

Another option is to use a script to change who the email is sent to based on the number of records found. If there are no records, use a dummy email address and deal with the undelivered email messages.

I think many people simply include text that says if there are no records in the list to ignore the email.

Filter steps would be a must imo, especially with the new search action. If the search doesn’t find anything, the step after pops an error every time