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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

Is there an automation set up that can compare two tables?

I have a list of records in one table (Main List) and a list of records in another table (Startup List) and would like to check if a record in the Startup List alreadt has an entry in the Main List; and if yes, then link the Main List record to the record in the Startup List.

I have tried a few automations, but it keeps creating a new entry in the Main list instead of “finding” the entry in the Main List.

(added bonus if I could then update the entry in the Main List with data from the Startup List IF there is an entry already.)

Thank you !

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Hi @Isabella_Fantini and welcome to the community!

Add an automation like this:

Trigger: “when a record matches conditions” > table: startup list > conditions: when field x is checked (for example)

Action 1: find records > table: main list > find records based on condition > where field x (eg “record name”) contains … > choose “dynamic” setting > insert field y (eg “record name”)

Action 2: update record > table: main list > record id: choose id from action 1 > fields: choose your linked field with Startup list and add record id from step 1 (being the record from your Startup list)

Now, when you add a check to a record in your Startup list, it will search for the same name (or other value you chose) in the Main list and, if found, update that record in the Main list so it links with the record in the Startup list.


I would like to add - automation will work only for new condition matches. If you want to run it against existing, you may add checkbox field and temporarily set trigger to “when record updates” for this field. Or “when record enters view”, setting view filters up to the task.
Btw if you want just set links, you dont need automations for your task. Just paste whole field from Startup into link field (this field should match primary Main list field), then swith to Main list and remove all new created empty records.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thank you both! These solved both of my problems. I didn’t realize that I could do what I needed in two steps: I wanted to cross reference & tag any records that were on both lists with the linked record, but then also copy the data that was from one list to the record on the other list if the were on both lists.

Thanks again!