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Automation Test incorrectly running, even when set to OFF

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Hi all,

I think there’s a bug with the Automation tests.

I’ve recently started using automation to send emails based on statuses. My understanding is that if the automation is set to OFF and I hit Test, it just verifies whether the email would send or not AND gives me a view of what the email content would look like.

However, that didn’t happen today. I created a new automation called “Offer: Coach Match” and it was off. I had one row in my table “COACH MATCHES” that I was testing with and I made a few changes and tested both the trigger and the actions a few times. I wasn’t expecting the emails to fire so was surprised when I went into my Gmail inbox and saw:

  1. that I had received 2 emails showing the email had fired (I put myself on Bcc); and
  2. the user I was testing with had sent me an email saying “FYI - received 3 emails with the same info.”. Luckily I had given them a heads-up that I was testing otherwise it would have been a little embarrassing.

I immediately assumed that I’d inadvertently had the Automation on but when I checked it wasn’t. I then turned it on and fired the email (correctly) which was at 16.39. When you look at my automation history, you will see that it shows only 1 successful Run so the fact that 3 emails were sent during “testing” seems completely incorrect.

Please fix. And/or advise how best to handle this in the future.

I think AirTable is a great tool and have recently upgraded to PRO but I do need to feel confident that I can rely on it as I use to scale my business.


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Yes, all tests actually perform the actual action. It’s as if you’re running the automation.