Automation to send email to people from an email base trigged by a checkbox

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I have a table of people and a table of emails. I want to send email from the people base by simply checking a box. Is there a simple automation process to do it ? I would like to have only one automation for all the emails and not to have one automation process per email. Is-it what conditional automation is for?
Thanks for your help.

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hi @Remy_Katan,
to achieve what you are looking for you have two options

  • instead of having three different fields (send email 1, send email 2, send email 3), you could have just one single-select field with three options (one for each email). You could then use a conditional automation with a find action step to send the specific email to the person whenever the single-select field is updated.
  • Instead of using a single-select field, you could use a linked field pointing to the email table so that you could pinpoint directly to the specific fields of the email record that you need through lookups and would not have to use the find action step in the automation or the conditional logic.

Hope this helps!

Calendly: Calendly - Alessio Monino

Thanks Alessio,
The reason i use checkbox is to remember that i already send the email in my process. I use it as a trigger as well as a visual reminder.