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6 - Interface Innovator

Hey guys,

Anyone else having an issue when using multiple conditional actions that AT (desktop version or web version) takes forever to respond? I’m creating conditional actions to link records. Each conditional action has to be specific to link the right type of record.

Once it starts to hesitate, it feels like that wait time exponentially increases for every conditional action I add. Eventually, it gets to where I have to wait minutes just to set up the next conditional action or click. It’s not like I’m on 30 of them either - I’m on 5 of 14ish.

A solution could be more automations to break up the task - but isn’t that what conditional actions are supposed to prevent? Especially since we have a limited amount already?

Anyone else experience automations freezing like this for extended times when working with larger conditional action sets?

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Hm, if it helps, I just created a 12 conditional automation. Creating it was super laggy, but when it ran it ran pretty quickly, like < 10 seconds. Happy to test more stuff with you if you’re keen

I can write a script up for you real quick if you’d like to see if that solves your problem, but the downside to that would be that you’d need to be able to update / maintain it of course