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Automations email not displaying date formula

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I have two date fields: one set as a date type for content entry/management and the other one for specific time zone display purposes. This works great at in the table view:
Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 5.53.16 AM

However, when I want to display those same values (grid view) in an automation email, my formula for the formatted date renders nothing:
Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 5.57.24 AM

This is the formula I am using:
DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE({Date}, 'America/Chicago'), 'M/D/YYYY h:mm')

Looks like this is a related issue: Automations not displaying formula references and date fields. But this does not appear to have a resolution.

Thanks for the help!

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Welcome to the community, @Kevin_Middlesworth!

Is formatted date a new field that you just added? If so, you’ll need to re-test the automation trigger to reload that information into the automation, and then re-test the automation action again.

Hey that did the trick! Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep this in mind.

Thanks again!