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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey Airtable community,

I am worried about something, i have an automation system, that send an email to a contact when i upload an attachment (invoice) to a record. It works juste great but i did a lot of test, and i reached the limit of automations. It’s not a big deal so i have sent the mails with the invoice by hand.
I’ve looked into the automation and it looks like that.mail facture
Problem is im worried that the next month when the automation countdown will return back to 0, it will resend the mail from the previous month.

Does anybody knows if it can do that ? I don’t want my clients to receive and old invoice randomly…

Thanks :winking_face:

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This is a real issue to be concerned with but it depends on how the solution is implemented. Ideally, it is smart enough to self heal by seeing the manual steps you made to overcome the suspended state of the process.