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4 - Data Explorer

We have 7 different “campaign” types we sell to our advertisers, many of which have overlapping items (i.e. and Instagram Story). I want to create automations so that when a new record (Campaign A) is created, all of the line items for that type of campaign are also created, along with their starting point for each cell. The issue I am having is, since Campaign B also has an Instagram story, but has a different starting point, the cells within the Instagram Story line are initially populated correctly and then overridden by the other automation. Is there a way to have them both be live, or will each line item in every type of campaign have to be different, even though they are the same product? I’ve attached two screen shots of the different automations for you to see what I mean…

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Hm, may I know what issues you face while attempting to create a slightly different trigger for each automation?  Perhaps a new status or something? 

Of course! So as you can see in the screen shot, the initial automation did what it was supposed to, but then it was overridden by an automation that relates to if an instagram story is singularly added to our calendar 

Hm, I think we're having a misunderstanding somewhere.  I'm suggesting you create a new type of data (like a new status, a new field, etc) that you would then use as the differentiator for the two automations, so that only the appropriate automation would run

I don't fully understand your workflow, but it seems like when Automation 1 runs and creates a record, you don't want Automation 2 to run, and so you could maybe add a checkbox field that Automation 1 marks when it creates a record, and make Automation 2 only run on records that don't have the checkbox field marked.  No idea whether this example would work within your context though