Batch automated emails to only send once per day

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I have an automation to send an email everytime a record is updated. The team will go in and make multiple edits at a time and they would like to receive one email at the end of each day with the updates, rather than receiving 20 emails in one sitting. 

When I try to schedule an email, it doesn't let me reference back to the "updated record" that I need. But trigger by "when an update is made" doesn't seem to allow me to batch emails. 

Any ideas?

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Perhaps try creating "Last modified time" field and then using a formula field to check against that to see if the field's value is within the last 24 hours?  You can then have a scheduled automation that'll look for any records where that formula field outputs "true" and you can send an email with all those records

The "Find Record" action only finds up to 100 records though, so if more than 100 records are updated daily this might be a problem!