Automation to update a record or create a new record in a linked table

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I want to create an automation that updates "Table B" when a new record is created in "Table A"

"Table A" contains customer information; some are new customers, some are returning customers. Returning customers will have multiple records, new customers will only have one.

"Table B" is linked to "Table A" and has a rollup field which identifies the most recent record for each customer.

Each time a new record is created in "Table A" I want it to link to an existing record in "Table B" if it is a returning customer, or create a new record in "Table B" for new customers. 

The end result will be multiple customer information records in "Table A" showing all entries for each customer and one record per customer in "Table B" showing only the most recent entry.

I'm sure this is straightforward but each time I try I just end up with a new record in "Table B" for each new record in "Table A."

Please can someone help?



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Ah you'll need a Find Records action with a conditonal, and I've set it up for you here

Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 8.21.08 AM.png

Let me know if you need a more in depth explanation; bit of a time crunch sorry!