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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

we have a client who has hired us to manage multiple IT equipment installations (the client provides all the equipment). We have to just focus on providing the manpower. So in order to do that We identify subcontractors/vendors.

Once subcontractors/vendors are selected by client, they are assigned projects at sites.
At this point a work order needs to be produced with various details - location, schedule, man hours and proposed BOM. This needs to be confirmed by us FIRST from our client and then we forward our work to our sub/vendor.

We are responsible for tracking all (budgeted vs actual) man hours, material, equipment and reimbursements. The most important component is collecting the daily work hours and reimbursables for that day for EACH person.

we must invoice weekly for EACH site. Batch invoicing at this point is unacceptable for our client (We’re still working this out).

What is Batch Invoicing and How can I Do it.
Is this Possible in Airtable.

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