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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi everyone,

The context is as follows:

We give trainings (among others) to many people. I would like to know who attended which trainings, get feedback on participation, etc....Each training is managed independently by a different team, with different constraints.

What I have set up :

I created a "CONTACT" database with all contacts in a shared table "PEOPLE ".

Each project has its own database "PROJECT1", "PROJECT2", etc... I connected the shared table "PEOPLE" in each project database, to retrieve the data of the persons (email, tel). This table is read-only in this database. I add data for each person: "grades obtained, participation, etc...). For now, at the end of the project, I copy the important data of the project (grades, certificates) in the main table "PEOPLE".

But obviously this is not ideal.

My need
Is there a simple way to automatically retrieve some data directly to the initial database? If needed, I can use MAKE, but I confess that my preference is to automate directly in Airtable.


Thanks to the community 🙂






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