Re: Calendar Automation for a Task Due Date?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi! Is it possible to set a time in a date/time function? I have a formula field that calculates due dates for tasks. I would like to create an automation that will email the task owner (a sponsor who does not have airtable access) a Google Calendar invite on the due date so that it is on their calendar. Is it possible to do this without creating extra Date/Time formula fields for the start and end time of the task?

Current Formula: WORKDAY(Date,-30)

If this is not possible, can you add to that formula to determine a start time of 9:00AM and end time of 9:05AM so that I can get this on their calendar?

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Hi @beder
Is the Date field displaying time?

Are you setting 9AM in that field?

Do you need a string of 2 date/time in one? What is the format of that? (05/12/2022 09:00AM - 05/12/2022 09:05AM)

If Date sets the start time of 9am, you need to Concatenate that with a DATEADD of 5 minutes.