Can I maximize an automation to get around the 25 automation limit per base?

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4 - Data Explorer

One of the bases we have created is to gather feedback from course participants. I have a form designed but the issue is that participants can submit feedback for one of a list of many facilitators. The hope was to be able to create an automation per facilitator so that their feedback can populate a Google Sheet row and then email them to let them know that they have received new feedback. We will definitely have in excess of the 25 automation limit though.

The automation I created is intended to search for the specific facilitators name when the form is submitted and then populates their individual Google Sheet.

Is there any way that I can create an automation that where I could combine and add in multiple facilitators? Would it work if I just added additional steps for Find Records with one each for each facilitator? As is stands, with the way I have built the automation, when the feedback form is submitted it doesn’t only populate that persons Google Sheet but actually puts the data into the sheets for everyone that has an individual automation. I need to solve this as well.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
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any actions that use the same trigger in the same table can be consolidated into one automation

If you need to include conditional or branching logic in an automation, you currently need a script.