Can I use a Airtable webhook in a button field?

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6 - Interface Innovator

I want to Launch an airtable webhook from the airtable button field. I was trying to pass the record ID.

Is this possible and if so how?

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It is not possible to call an Airtable webhook from a button field set to open.a url. Airtable webhooks only work with POST requests, but the open url action sends a GET request. It is possible to have a button field call a script, and then have that script call the webhook.

I don’t know how to use scripts yet but if it is basic enough I could figure it out.

Could you give me some more guidance on how to have a script call a webhook?

This page has more information on using fetch in scripting. However, understanding the documentation requires a certain amount of knowledge of coding and JavaScript already.

On the other hand, can you explain why you want to launch an Airtable webhook from a button field? An Airtable webhook runs an Airtable automation. However, if the user can run a button script in Airtable, there are easier ways to trigger the automation, assuming that the automation is in the same base. If they are different bases, then the base receiving the webhook won’t have access to the record with the id you sent.

I did not have a specific automation in mind I just wanted to know if it was possible as a option. My hope was to trigger an airtable automation via the button field without creating a new record with an airtable form.

If you want someone to push the button while logged into Airtable, there are easier ways of triggering the automation than running a script.

If you want someone to push the button while not logged into Airtable, the button cannot call an Airtable webhook.