Can you recommend an extension that would create a report that I can send using automation

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hey, basically I have got a table with important deals and using Record Track extension I managed to create a report with all statuses and prices and etc, however, I can not send it on a weekly basis on email using automation. Any ideas which extension I can use? To generate report and send it to email on a weekly basis. 



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Hm, I tried looking for "Record Track" in the Airtable marketplace and wasn't able to find it.  Any chance you could provide a link? 

What kind of format does the report have to be in?  If it can just be a table in an email, you could try structuring your base to work with an automation that runs weekly to compile the data and send it as an email? 

Are you trying to create a PDF document from an extension, which you can then email to people? Lots of people enjoy doing this with DocuMint.