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Cannot Accept Provided Value for Field Look Up (Scripting)

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


Not sure why I am suddenly getting this error. It worked before but, not sure where the error is. I’m checking each tag in each record from a table and comparing it to another table. If any matching tags are found, create an array of object ID’s. After all are found (loop is done), then update.

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Did the field type change? Need to assess the field generating the error, and figure out if it’s always been failing, or if it used to work prior to a table/field update.

It is the same, for some reason only one of the records is being updated while the other isn’t.
Here is a picture.

Here Evolve Event Mail Chimp Company look up is being updated.

Here, the error throws when the burger king event isn’t updating.

The 39 Objects is Evolve Event, the burger king event is 3017 Events.