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Weekly tally counter for task being completed

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I am trying to set up an automation that keeps track of how many videos my editors are completing a week. I currently have it set up to send me a slack message every time they set the stage to be “completed” but I would like it to say something along the lines of “Mark has completed 2 of 10 videos this week” and then have that number both increase throughout the week and reset at the beginning of the week

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I think it might be better to solve this without automations, and instead using a Count field with filter criteria. In my below example, I have an active player base, and each player submits a score randomly throughout the week.


Below, I’ve added a “Count (Score Entry)” (renamed to: Games Played This Week) column with an active filter on the records Creation date.


Interested in your thoughts on this solution, let me know if this solves your workflow.

I think to incorporate that I may have to make a whole additional table. Our current set up looks like this
When they are finished with the video, they set the stage from “editing” to “complete” and then that record gets filtered out of the grid view to clear up space. Your solution would require a new table to be made that would be more permanent and would require a bit of manual work to maintain. I’d like to keep it as automated as possible but it is definitely a good solution if I can find nothing else! Thank you!