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Cannot insert record result into message

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I am attempting to have an automation that every Monday morning will look in a table for specific records and then broadcast that into Slack.

I got the trigger and record searches to work, but when I attempt to place them in the message, all I get are options for HTML formatted results which just look like a mess in Slack.

Is there a way to just insert the results and I’m just missing it?

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Unfortunately, that isn’t possible with Airtable’s built-in automation steps. You would need to either write your own custom JavaScript or use an external automaton tool like Integromat.

Yeah… that is what I was afraid of. I don’t have the JS chops, but I’ll keep that in mind if I can’t find workarounds. Had to settle on making two separate automations to check for what I wanted so it only returned one record it could then post.

Nice! I would send an email to to request that they update automations to handle multiple records.