Challenge: sending a digest (Zapier?), but to different suppliers

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Hi all


a) company has mechanics that need to check their tools every month. When something is broken or needs replenishing, they fill out a AT form. Input comes in a table. Tool and supplier are linked records. They want to send an auto email to the relevant supplier(s) after changing a status to “order”.

b) company has a warehouse that is checked every so often. When a stock supply is needed, they scan the item, en add the quantity needed in AT. With some formulas calculating when an order is needed, they want an auto e-mail to the relevant supplier(s).


The AT part is no problem, but I don’t want to send out individual emails to the different suppliers. So I tried the “digest by Zapier” to collect all input and have only 1 digest send to the suppliers at the end of every week. The challenge is: how do I split up the digest per supplier? I could use “paths by Zapier” to first select every supplier and then do the digest, but every time a supplier changes, that seems like a lot of manual work.

So now I have in mind: trigger: new record in view AT > path per supplier > digest > send email to supplier > change status in AT to “ordered”

Question: can this flow be done without having to manually add every new/changing supplier? So that the flow adds a digest per supplier automatically?

Thanks in advance!

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