Collecting data from a form for multiple grids

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi, I’m new to airtable and struggling to get the automations to work how I want. It worked for me yesterday so I know it can do it but failed today and I’m not sure what changed.

I’ve got a grid that collects data from forms that are submitted from people. I’ve also got another grid that already has a list of all the people the form is sent to. After they submit the form the data appears on the grid the form was made for, however I also want it to update the other grid with their answers (so I can see who hasn’t submitted the form and have a record of each day). I need it to recognize who is submitting the form from their name and find them on the other grid then add their answers to that grid in the correct columns.

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Hi Jason, any chance you could modify the form to add a linked field to the table that contains all the people records? That way they link it themselves and you won’t need to run an automation

It sounds like you’re using an automation to update the fields in the People table with the latest data from that person’s form submission. I recommend your automation to be set up to make links from the form submissions to the people records instead, and then we can use rollups to view the data